YOGA ; the link between mind and body

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Since ancient times the concept of yoga has been vividly talked about and practiced only to take a reformed shape in the modern times.
‘Yoga’ derived from sanskrit meansthe union’ ,  the connection between mind and body, it is to bring discipline to the wandering minds and to make it find its way back to the source.

We have all been sitting in front of those TV screens where a yogi would practice some odd and complex looking moves and have thought why would somebody do this everyday… hilarious, no? I’m with you on this one.

But something about yoga was always intriguing, the idea of planned, well articulated moves that would lead to silence has always been a nudge in that direction.

So when the senses hit me right I started the exploring ‘yogaism’ , entering into the zone of self reliance and discipline.

Every asana has a rhythm set by breath formulating a method to bring sanity back to it’s very core.

Science has always been my favorite subject in school because that too was intriguing, how earth rotates, how a heart beats, how human eye sees upto infinity, it always tickled my conscious to find meaning behind a regular life .

When my mind had it’s eye on Yoga, I knew I was in for some great adventure and knowledge, preserved through years and years of lifecycle


The MIND :

Known for it’s ability to travel through time and space, it makes up most of our lives.

“You live most of your life inside your head”, they’ve said.

It’s not understood well by many, it is believed to be the most unsettled entity and much time is spent trying to make it up, so i’d say it’s one of the trickiest of dishes ever .

What can Yoga do for the mind?

Question: What is mind mostly busy doing?

Answer: Indulging in endless thought process, juggling between past and future.

When practiced right, yoga asanas are performed in sync with breath, so when a whiff of fresh air enter the lungs expanded in full capacity, it allows an elaborated exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the alveoli( part of lung where gaseous exchange occurs), that leads to increased availability of oxygen to enter bloodstream and reach all organs including brain.

FACT : Do you know human brain runs on oxygen and glucose primarily and is very sensitive to it’s levels.

So during yoga, the oxygen supply to brain increases along with mindful stretching of body, the perfusion to all body organs improves.

More oxygen, less stress !

The more you allow your mind to rest and feed on goodness, the more rewarding it becomes, it becomes your friend, it begins to listen to you. And aren’t we all looking for ways to have it on our side anyway ? 😉



Question: What’s the brilliant fact about a child’s body?

Answer: Flexibility ! Right?

Children are so flexible, so energetic, they heal quickly, learn quickly and grasp quickly.

Don’t we want to become children again? Is there a way ?


During yoga, body stretches to it’s then limit, with every practice it stretches a little more, the muscles contract and relax utilizing oxygen more and better, core of the body becomes powerful, balance is restored literally .

Human body has limitless power and yoga justifies this.

Slow, subtle, regular practice of asanas that fit your needs will give body power to relax more, heal more and become more flexible that goes on for long.

The goal is to recognize your roots again, to find our path to liberation, to recognize ourselves as how we were born to be – Extraordinary !

Stiff in the bones,

Sore in the head,

Not for long, not for long !

I’m here to rescue you,

Says the power of yoga to all !!!


Mansi Bhatia









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Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia is the Co-Founder, Chief editor and an eminent Writer of 'The Indian Writers'. She believes in the philosophy of living a cutting edge life with the freedom to be creative and productive. Her work reflects radiance inspired by her experiences and dreams. Dive into excellence with her work by your side.

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