What humans need???

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Human race, gone on for long on this planet, known best for it’s diversity and high intellectual powers . As I stare at my computer screen I think what have we become in order to be more than just ordinary, what have we acquired and what all have we lost in the race of being the strongest, the fittest, the best!

Highly ambitious, highly intelligent and proactive – the qualities that now days set standards for most are a product of years and years burnt to ignite the lamp of greatness. So I think it is best to say that nothing actually comes without a price. The mind gets shaped, the body modifies and the personality takes an interesting course. It’s all very fascinating at the social level but what happens when we sit with ourselves and try to look back at who we were, what we used to do and what have become of us.

I don’t mean to put you in a trance but isn’t it funny that we barely come close to what we wanted to do and where we wanted to reach. ‘World traveller’ , word I can’t get out of my head, there isn’t a straight road to this but this is what my heart beats for but I never really asked why? I never really tried to pick the pieces of my dream apart and see why is there this constant need to be on the run?

We need things, people, jobs, and we get them all but then it should stop right? but it doesn’t, it doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t end, when you feel you’re done with your tasks soon appears to be just the beginning of some more.
So if there isn’t an end to your needs, your desire, of whichever kind or genre then what do we do, do we keep running to finish as many races as we can or do we finally begin the hefty journey of self acceptance and nature’s selection.

If we drop our weapons and let life be borrowing we are still doing our tasks and getting rewarded does’t there come a point where you ask yourself – What’s the purpose? Why am I doing this? Who is watching and who is counting?
Put’s us in a conundrum doesn’t it? Aha ! I really don’t mean to confuse or object but trying here to understand what is it that humans really need? And how close is it to what we want???

If you have an answer I’d be happy to read it 🙂

Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia is the Co-Founder, Chief editor and an eminent Writer of 'The Indian Writers'. She believes in the philosophy of living a cutting edge life with the freedom to be creative and productive. Her work reflects radiance inspired by her experiences and dreams. Dive into excellence with her work by your side.

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