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“Emotions, well what do we understand from them, being emotional beings we should have all the ideas in the world , but the case isn’t very simple here.

We have become so biased when it comes to emotions that we play divide and rule with them, at least this is what the trend says. Wait TREND? What does trend have to do with this , bit of a head scratcher isn’t it?

TREND – A general direction in which something is developing or changing ( said my dictionary ) . And I agree , emotions have become nothing but a trend in most people’s lives. They feel like they wont be living rightly if they don’t follow the current trends.

Just like clothes , accessories, travel destinations , why not emotions. Our emotions have also been trapped in the viciousness of these trends and we are going so fast that we are unable to see it.

So which is the emotion in trend?? Is it happiness? Is it sadness? Is it anger? Is it love?
Disappointment alert – It is Emptiness.

Imagine a bunch of balloons set free , where do they go? Up above Oh so high !

Just like these balloons most people are floating , although going high but so hollow on the inside. I am not kidding this is the trend – to be physically attached, emotionally detached and spiritually lost.

We talk about roots and wings , how we should have roots to keep us grounded and wings so we can fly above any clouds but you tell me does the balloon has roots?

The thread is all it has to a root, and that thread is in someone’s hands and they can let go any minute their hand gets a little sweaty. There goes your root !

And we wonder how come we are not so joyous ,not “being ourselves” or not “ living life to the fullest” To some following these trends is fulfilling enough , chuckles.

So whats the cut off here? How can one decide that they are eligible to follow a certain trend?
The brokenness of their hearts, the emptiness of their pockets or the burden of all failed and broken expectations ? I’ll leave you to answer that.

How would you all feel if i could say Wingardium laviosa ( harry potter you guys ) and smash all these trends into little crumbling pieces and you could all break free and get a chance to smile like you did when you were kids, unadulterated , not to impress anyone or to get any complements but because you so wanted to .

Ah! what a beautiful life that would be .

No trends, no hollowness just belongingness with oneself first and then with the world.
We’ll rediscover love , we’ll rediscover life , we’ll rediscover us .

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