The dilemma of choice explained by Shivangi Jain in a well defined manner of human mind. She explains the roller coaster one goes through while making decisions out of given choices.

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Choice, a simple word with the deep meaning. Technically, if we go for its definition in the British English it implies “an act of choosing between two or more possibilities”. All of us live our respective lives as a king and make certain choices in our whole journey in order to keep going with the cycle of life but most of us have never ever thought the deep meaning of this word choice.

Ayn Rand, one of the known writer states that every man builds his world in his own image. He has power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. These lines are not just for reading purpose or to enhance ones understanding skills rather it contains strong message in itself along with a sign of making your choices wisely.

“Making a choice wisely”… does this statement implies to judge our choice at each and every aspect of the life? The answer to this question is “NO”… nothing in the life is worth judging except few things which vary from person to person conceptions but rather choosing something wisely means to think for a while before moving on.

The most common question which arises after this point is if we will make decisions tactfully would it mean that all the decisions made by us will bear sweet fruits? Once again the answer is “NO”… life is very uncertain as it is linked with the typical words called destiny and fate.

Though it is not in the hand of any human race to change his fate but taking each step of the life with positive mind as well as shrewdly it will certainly help mankind in the terms of satisfaction.

Each and every one of us might have come on a point in our lives when we get stuck in numerous of choices around us and to figure out the best one become difficult so what should be done at that stage?

The most common query which arises in our mind and heart. If we consider some sayings from the traditional books of our culture, we will find beautiful wordings on this notion. “A person is not considered useless or dead until or unless he decides to give up on things”… Giving up on something is worst decision most of human beings make.

When we have lot to think and plenty of choices it is necessary to go with the flow sometimes because the things which keep on moving will never let to down. It will bear something from nothing for us and it is well said that at a stage sometimes something is pretty much better than nothing.

At the end of this article would love to sum up with an inspiring quotation “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situation build strong people in the end”…….

Shivangi Jain

Shivangi Jain

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