Technology – The Black Mirror

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As this is my first official post, I would like to dedicate it to something that comes first in our lives nowadays, TECHNOLOGY.  “Black mirror” is inspired froma famous series on Netflix that grabbed my attention.

One day, I was watching the introductory video of Artificial assistant of Google. The glory of science and technology has come to a point where we are actually seeing the prototype of an artificial assistant “Jarvis”, the one from “Iron Man” Series Live.

Seeing that video made me wonder why are we doing all of this? What is the point behind all of this? What will be the outcome of such technologies? Seeing technology rise above mankind makes man’s mind go wild with all these thoughts.

Like any other guy, I enjoy my fair share of technology in all it’s glory and advancements but we have come so far in this race of rising technology and this artificial social life that’s trending by the day that we don’t even reason technology anymore.

Computers and Mobiles were introduced into the world so that we can connect with people and save time by taking advantages of Technology.

Now that we have natural resources come to us and high tech mobiles, cars, planes, everything at our service, What we don’t seem to have is TIME”. Irony shares a laugh with technology which was created out of urge to save our Oh so precious time !

I simply ask you one question, whenever a notification pops up on your mobile phone’s screen, Do you just open up the app, check that post out obediently and immediately close the app afterwards saying Namaste !! ? Yeah, that grin is your answer.

It’s No, Right? You scroll up and down and there goes 15-20 minutes of again your “Oh so precious time !”, and then you think why I don’t have time for that hobby or that activity or people around me?

These all apps are created with a psychology to consume as much time of your’s as possible. And if you have a misconception that if you deactivate or stop using one of the many social apps, you might be left behind with some “important” information in your daily life then let me stop you right there and tell you that you my friend, are wrong.

Just go ahead and deactivate any one of your beloved social apps for a week and nobody will even notice you gone, shocker !

Cut out your “online” time a little and replace it with some offline hustle and you will notice that you have longer days and better productivity. In simple words, your life back in the real world and not the virtual reality tied to your hands.

It’s  high time you start living in a world, your world that is not always connected to the wifi and try to  “JIO” the real “JOY” out !!


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Aditya Khullar

Aditya Khullar

A techie working in a MNC in Gurgaon, India ; Passionate about Photography & Technology, I love to write when I click an strong idea or emotion.

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