Krishna Tanjore Painting – Real Meaning of Krishna

Lord Krishna Darbar Tanjore Painting

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Krishna is bliss, Krishna is attraction so wherever you see beauty  in it’s Yashoda Krishna painting , the charm is actually Krishna, wherever you get attracted to the beauty and whatever attracts you is Krishna.

Krishna – the real meaning…

  • Krishna is the whole of existence. If we divide the word “Krishna”, in that ‘na’ signifies that He stops the repetition of birth and death, and Krish means sattartha, or ‘existence’.
  • ‘Krish’ means ‘attraction,’ and na means ananda, or ‘bliss.’ It means Krishna is a source of bliss and joy which pulls you towards itself and you attain divinity so that you can be in the present moment.
  • ‘Krish’ is the attractive feature of the Lord’s existence and ‘na’ means spiritual pleasure. When the verb ‘krish’ is added to the affix ‘na’ it becomes Krishna, which indicates the Absolute Truth. Many believe that Krishna is the absolute truth and there is nothing beyond Krishna. As Gopikas blindly had faith on Krishna it indicated that Krishna is the one true God to many.

Different Forms of Shri Krishna worshipped around the globe:

  1. Bala Krishna Tanjore Painting
  • Bala means which is forever young. We associate this word with freshness in the mind. When there is so much freshness in the mind then the soul becomes so innocent, fresh, and new so you feel renewed, refreshed and full of energy and full of enthusiasm.When you see a Balakrishna photo then naturally you also feel that very sweet, charming and bundle of enthusiasm and energy in you. It brings the energy to your home.
  • Balakrishna is a charm which binds every person in the family. It represents bliss and joy which attracts each and everybody in that area and brings harmony. Get a Painting of Krishna in your home and let the divine power flow in every corner of your home.
Bala Krishna Painting
Bala Krishna Tanjore Painting
  1. Krishna on a leaf is a symbol of creation

krishna on leaf is symbolic of beginning of creation. Allilae Krishna or little krishna on Peepal leaf floating on the cosmic ocean symbolic of the beginning of creation.

Krishna is sucking the toe, big toe on his feet, in a sense which means he’s so flexible and so pure. When the digestion is good you can put the toe in mouth, so flexible, all children do that.

Krishna is worshipped as god across India’s many states and many traditions of Hinduism have idols of him to offer prayers.

  1. Krishna as Butter thief 

Krishna eats butter with so much love. Butter is so soft it’s the end product. It means when your mind is churned and every confusion is cleared then the heart becomes so soft and pure like butter then divine will come and take you this is the symbolism for Krishna eating butter. Butter is like, when your heart becomes like butter, and then the Krishna comes and divine will take you.

Lord Krishna Painting as Butter Thief
Lord Krishna as Butter Thief
  1. Krishna as Vishwaroopa

Every aspect of creation, Let it be Asuras, Rishis and Nagas, all the forms of creation, all the cosmic elements, they are all represented in the painting to say that they are all the part of the form of the divine.

Krishna is Virupaksha as well as Vishwaroopa

  1. Krishna as Virupaksha

Virupaksha is like one who is with no form, vishwaroopa- form of the whole creation, viroopaksha and vishwaroopa are the two sides of spectrum, one says no form or special form and the other says form of whole creation. He is cosmic form that contains everything in this creation.

All the elements, species everything is the part of the divine in itself. That’s what this painting communicate, this is a very powerful message.

  1. Venu Gopala Krishna

Venu Gopala means Standing Krishna with flute. When the flute is hollow and empty we can play the music. If the flute is stuffed with something like straw or something, will any music come out of it?

No. When our mind also becomes hollow and empty then the divine can play it’s tune through us very easily and naturally.

Krishna also says: Nimittamatram bhava savya sachi- be the instrument of divine for that we have to be hollow and empty like the flute. So that is what venu gopala symbolizes.

  1. Darbar Krishna

Krishna, butter and the whole family is represented in the Darbar of Krishna. When energy is so high like Krishna of one of the person in the family which helps in bringing the whole family together, the charm that binds the whole family, or the diverse aspects can be seen easily in this darbar Krishna painting.

In everybody’s house there are different people with diverse perspective, diverse attitudes but there is something binding everybody together, certain energy that keeps everybody together. In today’s world that energy is very very important where more and more people are moving towards nuclear families, there are islands within the house itself .

Lord Krishna Darbar Tanjore Painting
Lord Krishna Darbar Tanjore Painting

This energy of bringing everybody together, binding them together in the thread of joy and happiness that Darbar Krishna painting symbolizes.

This painting has such an energy of bringing people of the whole family together with joy and bliss. Binding, Threading and connecting them in joy and bliss.

  1. Yashoda Krishna

Yashoda Krishna is Iconic of most beautiful and unconditional love of a mother for her child. Naughty, sweet child yet unconditional complete love from the mother so anybody who sees this immediately feels that motherly, caring, sharing, and nurturing all these attitudes.

Motherly attitude is more of a caring and nurturing attitude which comes naturally. When you are in that space then whoever is around you, you feel that care for them, that energy, that motherly aspect is always full of caring and nurturing. When everybody is like that with each other in the family then naturally you feel taken care of.

Yashoda Krishna Tanjore Paintings
Yashoda and Krishna Tanjore Painting
  1. Vitthala

Also called as Panduranga. He’s always with you in the five elements. Panduranga is the one who rules over all the five elements and is beyond that also.

He is established, when everything changes also he is the unchangeable. You hold on to Vitthala, hold on to the unchanging and attain the truth in life.

Vithala Tanjore Krishna Paintings
Vithala Tanjore Painting
  1. Radhe Krishna

Radhe represents longing and Shyama is bliss, you can’t attain bliss without longing. They are the two sides of the same coin. Dhara is when you flow outwards, and radha is the reverse of dhara.

Like when you move towards the source that is radha, Krishna is the source. Krishna is bliss and radha is longing. Movement towards source is longing and the source is bliss. That is the simple meaning of radha and Krishna.

  1. Vasudev and Krishna

Crossing the river symbolizing how he’s walking on water protected by the Aadi-shesha. The little baby is protected. It means the impossible becomes possible when the divine is with you. Anything is possible.

Walking on water implies how light you must be and awareness is a big protection. When you are so light and full of awareness then you carry the divine with you so when the divinity is with you anything is possible.

Vasudev Krishna Tanjore Paintings
Vasudev Krishna Tanjore Paintings
  1. Gopi Krishna

Gopikas are the icons for devotion. Complete faith and utter faith in Krishna. Unquestionable, unshaken and undoubtable faith and devotion in Krishna. There was nothing except Krishna for them. Completely immersed and dissolved in the divine. Experienced oneness through devotion, they experienced the highest through the path of devotion. It’s like if you pull one leg all the four come so when your devotion is so strong then the knowledge and proper action everything just come along with it naturally.

  1. Dashavatara

Ten avatars of lord Vishnu, each moving from Matsyavatar to kalki, Kalki riding on a horse which means “now”, bringing the mind to the present moment. In Matsya avatar, he was a fish then was Kurmavatara, then became a varaha. It’s like moving through the stages of evolution.

Every form has a different story associated with it with a very deep meaning and covering all aspects of life from surrender to skill. In every avatara (Form) the story is magnificent.

Krishna dasavtar Tanjore Paintings
Krishna dasavtar Tanjore Paintings


Krishna is the center of attraction and is a source of bliss. Tanjore Paintings are a great source where you can subtly find the real forms represented. You can actually feel the presence of krishna through tanjore art.

Do you still feel you know Krishna really well? If yes, tell us in comments.

Jyothi Tulasi

Jyothi Tulasi

Jyothi is a Senior SEO executive based in Bangalore. She is passionate about Indian Artists and their work.

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