Sri Sri breaking stereotypes on Kundli, Vastu, Onion and More

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the most renowned Spiritual Leader in the World who has worked to spread Yoga and Meditation all over globe and solved world’s biggest conflicts through peace interactions. He is a icon of love and joy. A living example of service, he has inspired generations through his practical wisdom.

We have compiled some of his best Q-A where he takes along ancient scriptures with modern science and restores our faith in humanity.


Gurudev, what is a Kundli (a person’s astrological chart), and are all the things written in the Kundli true? My mother-in-law says that according to her Kundli she will take Sanyas when she is 50 years old. So will she leave us when that happens?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: No, there is nothing like that. Astrologers say many things at times. Like I just explained, the Kundli simply gives you pointers or indications as to how things would happen.
Take your mother-in-law for instance, it says that she will attain dispassion after the age of 50. But that does not mean that she will abandon her family and become a recluse. If she continues to do her sadhana and meditation, then she will be able to fulfil all her family responsibilities and at the same time also continue to move forward on the spiritual path. This is what you should understand.

You should not bother too much about all these things. May be you trouble her a lot, that is why she must have said this thing (laughter).


People say there is something called Manglik Dosha. What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: See, Manglik basically means that the person is a little hot-headed, that’s all. All these planetary positions indicate your physical and mental status, and they can always be remedied by meditation and chanting. All these remedial factors exist to get rid of these doshas. It is not fatalistic, it is always changeable.


How much importance should we give to Vastushastra?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: See, Vastushastra is definitely a science in itself. This science was conceived and developed in the ancient ages, and it is a part of the Vedas. But as of today, it is not available or accessible to us completely.

It was written down on palm leaves and stored in the ancient universities and libraries but a lot of those documents (palm leaves) have been destroyed by termites and rats. A major part of this knowledge is therefore no longer fully available to us. This is why nowadays you find that someone or the other develops and markets his own ‘brand’ or concepts about Vastushastra.

Just remember one thing: no matter what may be the doshas (problems) one may be facing because of improper Vastu construction, the highest power above it all is grace, and it can be remedied by chanting Om Namaha Shivaya. All problems and negativity drop off by chanting this mantra.

So when we become Antarmukhi – when our mind turns inwards to its source (Self), then whatever realization dawns upon us in such a deep state is also in complete agreement with that which is mentioned in the scriptures. There is no difference. There is a saying in India which means that whatever comes from the mouth of a realized Guru and the knowledge that is mentioned in the scriptures – both are one and the same. There is no difference. This is the real point you must understand.

Onion & Garlic

Some vegetables such as onion and garlic are considered tamasic, but western doctors recommend these for their dietary benefits.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: That is good. Even in Ayurveda it is said that if you have cholesterol problem you can have onion or garlic, but not as everyday food. Sometimes you can take them for its medicinal value.

If someone goes deep into meditation and they can’t come out they are given some onion and garlic, and they immediately come out of meditation. Garlic and onion have the effect of bringing the prana down. It makes you feel a little heavy and grounded sometimes. So for people who are meditating, it is not advised to have onion and garlic every day. Once in a while you can have it.


Gurudev, please speak about the dowry laws in the country.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: No one should take or give dowry in any form. I would ask all the youths here today to take a promise that they will not support dowry in any way. You should tell your parents that you will only bring a bride home to them as their daughter-in-law, and nothing else.


Is it necessary to fast every week?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: We fast not to please the Divine, but to cleanse our body. You overwork your liver, stomach and pancreas so much. If there was a labor court for the body, all these organs would have complained against you in that court. We don’t allow them to rest at all. We drink and eat the whole day until night, and we overwork our system. They do need some rest and for that you need to fast.
God is not going to be pleased by your fasting. It is more to detox your own body. And why fasting is combined with prayer all over the world and in all religions, is because when you are fasting, you are detoxified and your prayer becomes authentic and deep. 

If you meditate on a full stomach, you will fall asleep. That is why it is said, you can say your prayers when you are fasting as your body is detoxified and your mind is rested and alert.

So, our fasting has an impact on our alertness, and our mind which is why in all the religions of the world, be it Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Jainism, fasting has been followed. But it is only for the body not to please God.

He surely is the coolest Guru on the planet who has made whole world as one family with his love and wisdom.

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