Saturday Evening & The Little Girl

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“Weekends” , the word that instantly puts a smile on all our faces, when clubbed with a nice touch of shopping especially when one’s best friend visits home feels like God’s blessing.

It was a perfect Saturday evening, the enthralling weather outside tuned the mood swings high on happiness. My heart skipped a beat when my favorite song “Kuch na kaho, Kuch bhi na kaho….samay ka ye pal tham sa gaya hai…” started playing in the cab that commuted us from home to our destination.

We exchanged a gentle smile with the driver, and started walking towards the mall. As we were headed towards the mall entrance, our eyes were greeted by humongous number of young children begging for money.

I started telling them off ,well practically shooed them away because the excitement to shop was a lot more than lending them an ear. In all the haste and hurry,

I almost missed a little girl wearing black tattered clothes who was not asking for money but some water to drink. She tried to get my attention by pulling my shirt as she spotted a pretty purple water bottle in my hand.

But since there was too much excitement as we saw all the flashy mall decorum , none of us bothered to listen to her request for water and not for money like other minors.

To everybody’s surprise my friend suddenly stopped me, taking the bottle from my hand quenching the thirst of a little girl. I got overwhelmed as I saw a smile arc up on the little girl’s face with water dripping from her mouth.The scenario left me both amused and awestruck.

This little incident served as an eye opener. Ignorance rules over our mind leaving it closed and concealed with opinions and conclusions of our own, reluctant to change.

Relationships distort as a result of half hearted communications, where one expresses without understanding what the “better half” has to offer. Parents don’t understand what the child wants in his life, children don’t understand the care and love behind the expression of their parents. Husband doesn’t understand the idea of freedom for his wife,and wife doesn’t understand the insecurities of her husband.

Each half tries to expand their horizons trying to play both roles and end up squeezing the nectar out of relationships and soon oneness dissipates.
True blossoming happens only when the effort is made to blend with the significant other eventually amalgamating into one.

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