Why only Reading Motivational Books is Not Enough ??

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We know that nowadays it is in trend to read motivational books and to watch motivational videos and most of the youngster’s even the employees of the company is doing that. Nowadays it just becomes a fashion for everyone to attend the seminar of a different motivator. But the main thing is that why we are not getting expected result in spite of these things???

What I think about this is that “Reading motivational books and watching motivational videos without implementing all that in our life is just like knowing the formula of math without knowing that how to implement or the advantages of its implementation”.

We find that whenever we read and watch motivational books or videos, at that particular period of time or at that instant we got that much of energy that we want to complete all the task within an hour. Until and unless their effect is on our mind we do all that what we have to do but after some time we forget everything and get back to normal life.

What I think that it happens only because mostly we don’t have the three important qualities which we should follow and that is 3D means DETERMINATION, DEVOTION, AND DEDICATION. If we will have all this quality than we can achieve any of our goals.

We are not able to implement all those things which we learn from books or videos because we are not devoted to that. We always want to get motivated by others, by books, by videos…. These things are a source of instant motivation until and unless we implement it in our life. “Implementation is hard in the beginning but later it becomes passion”.

There is a lot of reason why mostly we come to our normal life after a certain period of time because in the life of anyone we have so much of external pressure like our family responsibilities, job, politics and so on and we are bounded by our pressure which makes us forget everything and give us a message to let all the things away from me and live me in reality. So only reading motivational books is not enough until we are not implementing it in our life.

According to me, we need to to be a self-motivated person so that it doesn’t need for us to get motivation by books. Just try to be DEVOTED, DEDICATED AND DETERMINED towards your every small goal, it will automatically lead to achieving a major goal. So if you are reading motivational books as a story it will not work try to read it as a GOAL.



He is Pursuing Computer Science from the city of Noida. He is a member of Leo International Club in which he is doing social work in different cities.He is a successful Entrepreneur and a very keen learner.

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