The Ultimate Solution to the Ram Mandir Dispute

In the last 26 years, majorly all of Indian politics has made Ram Mandir an issue of votebank.

Its a bread-butter for media to make TRP/Earnings and a source of being in limelight for extremist Hindu/Muslim Leaders.

No one has come out for real practical solutions.

Elon Musk is sending his car to Space to innovate new technologies and we are stuck here !! Lol.

Undoubtedly Its the Birthplace of Ram, and a temple for the greatest king is to be built. Most of the Muslim population agrees to this, even most leaders.

Supreme Court has treated this case as simple Land Dispute. It will only give three judgments.

  1. Give Land to Hindus for Ram Mandir. Then Muslims will feel defeated and may join hardcore extremism underground in aggression.
  2. Give Land to Muslims. 100 crore Hindus will feel cheated and can turn violent and hatred among communities
  3. Build Both Together. Then there will be huge security required and a little chaos can trigger violence.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a sane leader and a champion of conflict resolution globally. He has solved 50 year old crisis in Colombia last year. He is the only one who has met all the concerned leaders to solve the issue in a rational and peaceful way. Click to read peace works done by him. 

He suggest an out of court settlement, which even SC is suggesting.

  • He says Muslims donate their 1 acre land to Hindus to build Ram Mandir and Hindus donate 5 acres land to Muslims outside Ayodhya to build a mosque. There are already 22 mosques in Ayodhya.
  • This way both works can be done, both will be happy and no violence or chaos. Centuries of confusion will end.
  • He has already sent the settlement proposal to All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Read full letter here.

And yes definitely peace will prevail. I have full confidence. We should broaden our vision but also deepen our roots. Ram does not just belong to Hindus, he is the greatest king India ever had.

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