Mughal Kings who were Art Lovers too

Jodha Akbar Mugal Art

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Mughal Emperors who Loved Art 

The Mughal period in Indian history had seen widespread cultural development, especially in the field of miniature paintings. These paintings are like binocular through which we can see the medieval history of India.

The introduction of new technique in the field of architect was also owns a noteworthy page in the history of India; but the painting come in fore.

As it was rooted in a diverse mix of cultural, religious and artistic traditions, the art of miniature paintings in India became one of the richest and most productive schools. This spell of the art had carved out its own place in the history of Islamic art, too.

Mugal Art
Mugal Art

Four Phases of Mughal Art

In India, The Mughal Art was divided into four phases.

Phase 1: Babur Time!

During the rule of the first Mughal Emperor Babur, the first phase of the Mughal Miniatures in India emerged resembling with the Persian miniatures.

As Timur and Genghiz Khan felt strong cultural ties to the Persian world they had imported the elements of the Persian paintings into Indian culture.

Autobiographical writings by Emperor Babur are found in Baburnama (1483-1530), main source of knowing about the Mughal Miniatures.

babur Mughal Art
babur Mughal Art

Phase 2: Akbar Time!

The Great Ruler, Akbar was very fond or Arts and Artists in all the ways. The second phase was during the rule of Emperor Akbar. Miniature painters illustrated in “Akbarnama” depicting the deeds of Akbar. Many changes happened during this period in the world of art.

Jodha Akbar Mugal Art
Jodha Akbar Mugal Art

Phase 3: Jahangir Time!

Son of Emperor Akbar, Jahangir was the real art lover. He was responsible for so many paintings done in his era. In Jahangirnama one can find a collection of the miniature paintings done under his guidance.

Jehangir Mugal Art
Jehangir Mugal Art

Phase 4:

By this time many other parts of India had the fever of Art. Three emperors at this time were happily sponsoring paintings. In the medieval India, The three types were very famous. At the same time Rajput Style or Rajasthani Style has become so famous that everyone had one at home for sure.

Does anyone still have those kind of Paintings at home now? Tell us in the comments section.

Jyothi Tulasi

Jyothi Tulasi

Jyothi is a Senior SEO executive based in Bangalore. She is passionate about Indian Artists and their work.

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