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When you are around someone who read your heart and steal your words. When you are about to text someone and he / she calls you at that very moment and you smile at the coincidence of two hearts thinking of each other.

When you wake up before alarm for you are very excited to go for an outing with your beloved and you just can’t afford getting late even by second.

When you are sitting in an auto and find your thoughts perfectly complimenting with the person sitting nearby and you both meet like you know each other since ages. When you open a book to read and its cover page fascinates you more than words.

When you visit your terrace to see sun, birds, trees and you realise how privileged you are to feel all those luxuries given by God. When you are watching a movie and the old song playing in background compels to you to sing and record it.When you can share your terrific voice and most raw pictures without any second thought because the person you are opening your heart with knows you more than anyone else.

When 2am gives you Memories and you miss someone like you want to pick them up from pictures and hug them for real. Like you want to hear that voice while re reading conversation. Like you want to pick the words from chats and listen them for real.

When you turn on TV after couple of months and a smile pops up on your tired face finding a movie you always wanted to watch is going on. When you get unexpected surprises in the middle of your busy life.

When you see a pair of eyes looking at you with all the love of the universe and you find that there is no better place than the arms that are holding you tight and when you know everything is alright.

When you lay your head in your mother’s lap and get that ounce of peace that you were looking for. When you irritate her with your weight loss and traveling goals every now and then.

When your YouTube recommends you the videos you were discussing with your friend and you giggle that even social media knows what we love. When you go for a movie just to feel closeness of your bond. When you order two cup of tea to enlong the talks.

When you walk near River to listen stories waves are telling. When your earphones disentangle without much efforts. When radio channel plays your favourite songs back to back and you feel like it’s your kind of day.

When you find hopes by giving it to people who need it more. When you see your words dominating you instead of you controlling them. When you fathom the complexities of life and still believe that you are capable to bring that change that you wish to see in your little world.

When you prefer understanding people than being understood. When you accept whatever is coming your way. When you give a Midas touch of love care and feelings to everyone and everything that you adore that is close to your little heart.

When you embrace your failures like a pro and motivate yourself to get set go.
When you are sitting alone on your favourite spot and talk to yourself. When you know certain things will never happen still you dare to dream.
When you prepare yourself for all the challenges life has stored in for you. When you let you tears flow and smile again like a warrior.

When you have someone who trust you, believe in your dreams, kisses on your forehead hold your hands and tell you that ” I have got your back”. When someone says you are beautiful inside out. When you love and respect all without expecting them to do same. When you don’t compare between what you have given and what you have got.

Then trust me
Things are beautiful <3 <3

Akansha Somani

Akansha Somani

Chartered Accountant from Ahmedabad, India | Author of The Happy Philosopher

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