Letting Go & Moving On in Life

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I know it’s very hard to let somebody go, but the truth is-holding on to someone who already made a mindset to leave is a wound you are giving to yourself which can never heal.

Don’t feel guilty,because you ain’t betrayed that person; he does. Be strong enough to bid farewell with a positive thought. Remember if a person cannot understand your silence, your words are merely nothing for them. It’s your life, why to make it a mere puppet in the hands of others. Care for people who does the same for you. Showing your affection,where it is appreciated and returned altogether. Be happy for others but don’t forget about your own happiness.

Remember, if somebody goes away-either left or dead -nothing changes. So why do we need to change. Learn to go with the flow. It’s fine to cry for the loss you incurred but before crying ask yourself – Was it really a loss?

Appreciate people and nurture what you have at present. Instead of chasing what’s already gone and cannot be returned, just cherish what you have in hand. You know its true happiness when your face glows and your eyes shines. Its happiness when all you wish is to blush at reasons undefined. Its happiness when you stare at yourself in the mirror and blush at your own self. But what actually are the reasons which makes you happy and tends to bring a smile?

For some a compliment makes his/her day while for others a phone call or an unexpected message heightens one’s spirit. The reality is, we are happy only when we decide to be. The things which matters for us are the one’s which brightens our day, and heightens our spirit on.
Don’t let situations and circumstances hamper your happiness and turn your world up side down. Try to find happiness around. Do things that make you happy, don’t complex your life in order to entertain the other one around. Read, write, sing, dance, irrespective what others thinks about your fields of interest. Just take out time to do your best and leave the rest.

Smile…as it adds beauty to yourself.

If you can’t find a reason in others to smile, try to become one to make people around you happy. Remember, true happiness exists for indefinite time. Happiness is not a mere feeling,  it is an emotion which everybody loves to experience whole heartedly. It is rightly said that either you are happy or sad,  your eyes will justify and convey your feelings .
Smile at even at the minutest feeling you experience as it will save you from feeling gloomy due to uncertainties of life. Smile can win over millions of hearts and build an atmosphere of positivity that surrounds you no matter where life takes you.
Jennifer Ali

Jennifer Ali

I am Jennifer, working as a teacher in a reputed institute. I love reading and am totally passionate about writing.

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