Indian Youth and Their Indian Parents ; BEING A SOCIAL NORM

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 Hey there, how’s it going? Chilled weekend coming? How about a cup of tea and a take on the social dilemma revolving around Dear India…. 

Have you heard Indian Aunties say this, specially to girls, “oh, you are dark skinned, Oh you act like boys, Oh, you should do more of this and less of that ?”.

Oh who am iI kidding of course you have! After this stupid remark, the next thing that follows is “Who will Marry You ?” Nothing surprising I know we have all been there, we have all seen/heard that, now haven’t we? Snort it out!

Indian Families are fairly concerned about this phenomenon called “Society”, also called “Chaar Log”. It comes in various aspects specially in case of two major things – Career and Marriage. Why this happens only in India ? Could there be an explanation?

Lets find out …

In the Western world, parents take care of children until they are 18 and then the children sustain themselves of what they do in their life. Student Loans are provided to them for the Universities and Part Time Jobs are respected there. So they are free to chose their career and similarly Relationships/Marriage. The children are well prepared with the idea that they have to do it anyhow.

In the East and Indian Subcontinent, Parents take full control of children as a complete unit for whole life. They chose their careers – which is Engineer, Doctor, MBA, CA or IAS and they invest their money on them to get the return of control over them. Similarly, they chose life partners for their children according to aspects like Caste, Community, Finances, Skin Color and Family Background. Children in this case, are not prepared of what to do in life. They are bound to do what parents makes them do until at one stage of life, they find their real goal.

We comes to simple fact, that who takes responsibility for you, has power over you!!!

This is very true Dear India, traditionally is a open culture where society’s influence is strong. In the West, people are not so open to communication in their own society. Its a closed culture system.

At the same time, we find high cases of divorce, multiple marriages, teenage pregnancy, disturbed families in the West more than the East. Indian Family System holds a high moral ground in this case.

So being in India, what can be the possible solution in dealing with cases where the younger generation is being dominated by family and society?

1. Acceptance and Be at Peace
Accept that you are in India and you are not alone dealing such things.

2. Be Clear of what You Want to do in Life
If you are not clear, they will do what they want.

3. Come out of your Comfort Zone
Most children live in a high comfort owing to the given conditions and do not stretch out. If they learn to stretch, they learn many new skills.

4. Learn to Save & Invest
This is the art to be learned since the teens. Anything you do in life, you have to deal with money, banks and taxes. So such things are to be learned at a basic level.

5. Take more responsibility of Yourself
Start taking responsibility for basic things in your life and slowly you have more power over you.

6. Communicate and Respect
Your Parents are under the impression of 1950s, 1960s or 1970s and a product of that society. They may have notions not valid now. Communication is the biggest tool to deal with it and at the same time, respect is must.

Just ponder this fact that Indian Society and their power rests with people who are 50 and above and they do have lot of control on various things. People born after 1985, don’t believe in lot of outdated concepts. So the youth is the change. Next 10-20 years, when they will take over the “Society” they will not fall prey to most of these concepts.

Time is changing so fast, you have no idea. Yesterday you were in school, today you are in job, tomorrow, you have kids going to school. Just come in Present Moment and think for all those generations to come who have to see a brighter future and better careers, and better lives.

Deepen your Roots and Broaden your Vision – A few moments of silence and meditation daily helps calm the mind to take better decisions and use all your skills to make the work done.

We have a responsibility to bring peace and knowledge to the world. So lets start now by ourselves. May we all uplift oneself and each other. 


Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg

Web Developer by Profession, Gaurav loves to write on Indian Culture & Spirituality. He is equally passionate for Technology & Entrepreneurship.

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