I Say- I am a “Traveller” and I “Love” travelling

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Generally, a traveller is referred to as a person who explores various places, away from home, out of their comfort zone, away from all their ordinary pleasures and comforts and way of doing things. But the most interesting part is, I have never been to any place to explore. Now you might be surprised then how can I say, I am a traveller and I love travelling? I am at that stage of life where I have to think about my career and other future prospects.

Now you can relate what I meant by a traveller. According to me, a traveller is a person who has been through all ups and downs of life, faced all challenges with a smile on face, been through discouragements and encouragements, being grounded. There’s a very popular saying- “Life is like a Roller Coaster”, Yea, it is. You travel through each and every phase alone. Which obviously implies that the “ups” are the great times when everything is going good and life is treating you well and the “downs” are the bad times in your life when things go terribly wrong and you feel alienated.
Makes sense, RIGHT?

Is there any difference left between travelling to various places and travelling to each phase of life? I think No, RIGHT? We learn lessons and knot experiences either good or bad, to share. I remember, going to a market place or wandering in the lanes of Lucknow alone, gave me a sense of an explorer. I know it sounds crazy, still I say- “I am a traveller” and can use it for you as well and let people think, what you actually are! Then you can understand it better.

I am a traveller,
Exploring multi-dimensional facets of life,
Surrounded by millions and billions of stars,
No plans to follow, a path with no limits.
Wandered without visuals, yet gave sight,
World filled with diverse people, shared the same voice,
So loud in words, but had many worlds that I could explore.
New world lined up on the shelf,
Ranged with past adventures to remind, as,
“I am a traveller and I love travelling.”

Ever since I was a kid my mother told me that there was rarely a time when I was not smiling. I do my best to live my life to the fullest every day. It’s more important to travel in the moment and to be happy. But perhaps that doesn’t mean that I enjoyed everything that happened to me till date. Also, it depicts that each day is not a sunshine or a rainbow but also dark clouds will be in your path. Similarly, even I have had bad patches in life.

Few annoying things, few incidents and here you can get the point that, Shit Happens…!! While all this, it’s how we choose to view life, how we react to it, that dictates what kind of life we live, very similar to a pilgrim, isn’t it? And hence, living life to the fullest is what matters the most, learn more and more as much as you can. And trust me it doesn’t has to be something extravagant or gigantic achievements that defines a rover.

Also, we doing few things daily that can help us. Like Do something you enjoy each day. Make a positive difference in someone’s life in some or other way. I once heard someone say, “Everybody dies but only few live.” Live everyday like it was your last, and you will definitely live your life to the fullest and become an explorer.

Pragya Tiwari

Pragya Tiwari

Pragya Tiwari is an passionate and dedicated person with a vision to make India more powerful and strong. She inspires the youth with her new ideas. She is a aspirant of Indian Foreign Services and loves writing and exploring nature through travels.

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