Human Brain : In Sickness and In Health

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Brain- Most important organ of human body, working tirelessly to sustain life . To most people it is just an organ located in our head performing functions like thinking, calculations, feeling, etc.

But what happens when this genius organ in human body falls sick, how can you tell that your brain has become ill? Does it come with alarming signs? Or creeps in like an insidious nightmare?.

Human brain is a semisolid structure made up of bundles of neurons forming enormous and gigantic pathways to form patterns, these patterns decide how a person behaves, reacts, and lives in this world.

Now lets take a roller coaster ride to understand the most basic yet most crucial aspects of brain in sickness and in health. To begin with this journey, let me ask you which disease or which emotion is getting the most attention these days? Any guesses? Some would say it’s Depression or Anxiety or Insomnia, right?

Lets say it is Depression that is one of the most prevalent mental ailments out there in today’s world. So, What is Depression?

Depression is a psychological disorder in which a person suffers from series of symptoms ranging from frequent lows, anorexia(loss of appetite), loss of interest in routine activities, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Now what happens to brain in depression?. See this image , on the left side it shows brain scan of a normal brain with no clinical signs of depression, and on the right side, it shows the brain scan of a depressed brain. See the difference in color, this color difference denotes diminished brain activity in depression, the brain can actually alter and it can be recorded on brain scans .

I have seen people bully the ones suffering from depression saying that they are doing it for the sake of attention and they ask the most ruthless questions like, what are you depressed about? You have everything yet here you are complaining of “Depression”, this only makes the problem worse. So here is a proof that there is something gone wrong inside human brain that alters the way a person behaves to normal stimuli.

Here is another picture depicting the activity in normal brain vs activity in patient suffering from anxiety disorder, another one of the leading ailments. See these scans and imagine what the person must be going through.

Depression is one of the leading causes of death in today’s world, it’s a shame to watch people die of something that can’t be seen or held onto but only felt and suffered. But there is a “silver lining”, Depression and many other mental ailments can be managed so that a person can live a normal or next to normal life and isn’t it amazing to think and imagine that something that kills people from within can actually be managed and people, our loved ones don’t have to die because of it.

 “Hope” is your friend if “Depression” is your enemy.

“Help” can give you strength to fight if “Depression” is sucking the life out of you.


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Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia is the Co-Founder, Chief editor and an eminent Writer of 'The Indian Writers'. She believes in the philosophy of living a cutting edge life with the freedom to be creative and productive. Her work reflects radiance inspired by her experiences and dreams. Dive into excellence with her work by your side.

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