All your Questions for Gym and Fitness Answered

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Gym Culture has become a part of typical youth life nowadays both in urban and rural areas. Cities and metros have all types of expensive fitness packages that promises so much.

There are broadly three types of people who goes to gym :

  1. Reduce Weight (Obsessed People)
  2. Muscle Building (High Goals)
  3. General Fitness Exercise

Roles can keep changing normally.

The Technique of Muscle Building involve three basic things :

  1. Pumping
  2. Fueling
  3. Rest

Sets of exercises are done for a specific muscles of a part like chest, biceps, shoulder – one day at a time.

Muscles go wear and tear after exercise. They need immediate protein fueling after a exercise. It can be whey protein, normal cheese or homemade shakes.

Real Transformation happens here. Rest is the the most important part when the repair of old tissues and growth happens.

Supplement or Not ?

Supplement are just what normal diet may lack. Since a rigorous workout is done, supplement is required. The most important for muscle buildings are proteins. Proteins which gets digested in the body. Whey Protein is dried leftover of cheese making process from cow milk. So its completely safe. Homemade alternative if any, can also do the job.


  • Whey Protein should always be purchased carefully from Genuine supplier of trusted brand only – online or offline. HealthKart is one trusted source. Avoid buying from just any stores. Or directly buy from authorised importer agency. Most of them are shipped from US.
  • It should only be consumed as per instruction after proper exercise or it may hurt your digestive system.
  • It should always be supplemented by a normal homely diet.

Veg or Non Veg

Its a completely personal choice but due to many environmental and health reasons, Vegetarian is highly recommended. Soya, cheese, pulses, sprouts are full of high quality proteins required for growth.

Two Commitments to take on this World Food Day. Read here


  • For Weight Loss, 60 to 90 min is advised depending on stamina.
  • Otherwise normally 45 to 60 min is sufficient for proper weight training.

Choosing a Gym

Factors to look for a gym :

  • Location
    You will never go to a gym on the other side of city or town. Keep it close to keep you going.
  • Budget
    Not always a premium a big budget is required to make good. Its all commitment that matters.
  • Space, Equipments & Cleanliness
    Good space is required to have a fresh breath of air. Cleanliness is must to be seen for hygiene.
  • Trainer
    An inspiring trainer will always motivate and pump you. Don’t think he/she would always be by your side. He/she must have the knowledge of all exercises well.

Yoga or Gym

Gym focuses on specific parts of body basically muscular system. But Yoga heals all systems of body. Gym works only on physical body. But Yoga is much much diverse comprising body and mind. Yoga is multi-dimensional.

Both can be taken along. You can do gym majorly in youth life, but yoga can be done in all age groups anywhere even if you are on travel. Plus you don’t need any equipments.

The Final Chord

We all are unique and different. Just love yourself as you are. Don’t compare yourself to the Instagram or TV actors, models. They have no other option but its part of professional. You are much beyond than the body. Life is much bigger than this.

Commitment is more important be it daily jogging, walk, yoga or gym. Doing things once or twice a week is not going to help anyway.

Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg

Web Developer by Profession, Gaurav loves to write on Indian Culture & Spirituality. He is equally passionate for Technology & Entrepreneurship.

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