Finding Diamond at the Airport

Rishabh Seth shares a incident at the Airport and what he learned from it !

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First step on an international soil having myriad thoughts about future going to be and jet lagged due to continuous journey from past 24 hours, I landed on Kuala Lumpur International airport.

Along with future worries, there was definitely a sense of an excitement to start 2019 in a new way exploring the best of opportunity. The Airbus had treated well meeting the expectations, however it was the strong winds over Bay of Bengal that didn’t allow me to have sound sleep during the night flight.

Thanks to my practice of visualisation that always help me to cross immigration without any long queues, obviously exceptions are there and I ain’t a perfectionist. As I was moving to a new country for long term, I had to spend almost 45 mins at the luggage belt to gather my big suit-wheels.

There is always one advantage about landing early morning as you wouldn’t see long queues at the counters and even traffic free roads to your destination. Straight to the airport taxi counter, I managed to sign off in seconds without any fare discussion having mindset with company sponsored expenses.

The taxi person greeted well in Malay to which I noded and started helping him putting heavy ones into the trunk. About to sit in, the driver asked for a receipt and I tried to search in my back pockets. Empty handed there, I managed to find the receipt in my jacket but there was something stuck with my right hand.

There rang a bell of awareness and I witnessed the centre hooks of my engagement ring getting stuck with pocket threads because the precious master piece was gone…

It took several seconds for my consciousness to resume back and I felt that I’m awake from a bad dream. My brain was trying hard to face the reality and the first thought that came to my mind was ‘It’s impossible’. The driver starting honking and I had to take a decision whether I should step in a car or just rewind my steps.

With confusion hovering over my mind, I managed to recall wisdom that take one decision and don’t think back. So, the bags were out of car and I took several minutes to clear my mind for taking concrete decision. I was still witnessing mixed thoughts like ‘What would I say to family especially wifey’ , ‘Is this an unlucky start for new journey’ or ‘Whatever happens might be for good’.

The one miraculous word which itself covers everything ‘JaiGurudev’ popped up on its own. I had received a signal with another wisdom striking at the moment ‘Do your best efforts and then surrender but never give up’. The courage for treasure hunt was restored back and I reversed my steps back to the main gate with my luggage trolley. As I was taking steps towards customs exit gate, the plan started building up on its own. The security officer was convinced after seeing my orphan ring and let me re-enter the gates.

The first pit stop I screened was taxi counter but luck wasn’t easy that day. I was no less than sniff dogs scrutinizing every dust particle on floor corners. Next, it was the exact spot near luggage belt where I waited for long and failed again.

I was loosing hope with every inch I was moving towards immigration counters but miraculous ‘JaiGurudev’ was on repeat throughout the search. Searching a precious stone even in home premises is often an impossible task, especially when you don’t know the place & timing when you dropped it and imagine, my hunt was on an international airport with thousands of passengers.

My biggest worry of the hour was that my treasure could possibly struck to someone else’s vision before I could hunt it down. And the search near luggage belt resulted no success.

With slightly sad face and less awareness than before, I moved towards the final spot which was immigration counters. Who approaches these guys from the back, but I had to do so. The same guy turned around who stamped my passport and allowed me to go in front of the gates.

I was instructed to be really quick with other passengers waiting for their turn or you can call me an obstruction to the immigration process for few seconds. My eyes were wide and open as natural torch to spot the gem, and then I was asked to come back on formal Malaysian soil.

I started thinking about reasons that I could make for disclosing this to family or even thought about hiding it for time being. One thing which was not changing was my faith in Guru’s miraculous power and blessings around us. I was stepping back towards airport exit and something flashed through my consciousness. Stopped there for a while, I tried to figure out the hint that had just came at the moment. I recalled that while coming straight from flight I had slightly gone in a different direction to grab a trolley before going towards luggage belt.

I didn’t actually know the exact place from where I have picked up the trolley but had to guess about it. The moment I took a turn towards my guess area, my vision was straight struck on the master piece shining bright & right on the black marble floor. It was exactly lying in the middle of the two luggage belts with hundreds of passengers waiting for their luggage on belts. I grabbed it in a flash and put it back in my front shirt pocket.

I was rich again and my smile lengthened more than a mile !!
Wisdom gained & Lesson learnt from an event :
When you have Guru in life,
1. Your faith remains unshakable.
2. You keep getting directions but focus & efforts are definitely required.
3. Whatever is yours will come to you and whatever is not, will never reach to you.
Welcome to Kuala Lumpur Folks !!
JaiGuruDev & Tarima Kasih..

Rishabh Seth

Rishabh Seth

Business Analyst based in India & Malaysia by profession & strong desire to blog motivational content for well being

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