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Facebook is undoubtedly the world’s largest social media platform that is connecting the world. It’s another edge of connectivity through the internet.

Facebook has evolved from just a network of college/university friends to a powerhouse of knowledge and marketing.

Globally, just every second, 20,000 people join Facebook. About more than 80 percent people access this service through their mobile and spend around 21 minutes on a daily average.


Facebook & India

USA has the highest number of Facebook users. After USA, India is the second largest nation with Facebook user base of 125 million people. It should ideally be China (considering China has the largest population in the world).

But since China has the internet censorship policy and about 3000 websites are blocked there which includes top global sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter etc.

Most Populated Countries 2015
Most Populated Countries 2015

Strange fact is India has only about 20 percent of Internet penetration which means just 20 percent of the total population of India can access the Internet (As per July 2015). Imagine if the whole nation is empowered by the internet, how much more strong connectivity will be.

The 80% area with no internet connectivity is all Rural India, untapped and untouched. Fortunately, with the ease of availability of cheap internet supported mobile phones (basically Android), the number is rising. Mobile Phone is the primary medium of connectivity to Internet in India and the world.

Facebook Feautures

About 50 percent of India’s online population uses Facebook actively on a daily basis, majority being from Mobile. Since India has the highest number of youth, it is more very much required to make Facebook Resourceful. To make the best out of Facebook, let us understand it simply. Facebook has three main elements

  • Profile: When you normally make an account, it is a profile where you can send friend requests and add people.
  • Pages: Pages are for fans of any brand, celebrity, organisation, etc where you ‘Like’ the page.
  • Groups: These are like discussion forums where you can add people and engage with one other.

Though there are different uses for different people, we will mention the major application. Profiles are like a person’s internet presence where people shares their thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, check-ins etc.

Pages are generally used for marketing, promotions and brand image. You can promote your page to right audience by paying to Facebook and reach your customers. There are also so many pages of information of many subjects and topics.

Groups are two types – Open and Close. In open groups, anyone can join and post anything, so it is more like a botheration to all. Closed groups are limited to people whom to wish to add, so it serves its own functionality.

There are many ‘not-so-useful’ features of Facebook like Events, Birthdays, Lists. You can create a event, post details and invite people. Birthday reminders for people you have added. List is a feature where you can categorise your selected favorite Profiles and Pages and see them in one list.

Coming to the Real Part – Newsfeed

Newsfeed is the main area in facebook where you see all the content of your liked pages, friends’ profiles, groups, events altogether coming. According to Facebook Algorithm, it prioritises your newsfeed with your behavioural preferences, type of posts you like, comment and similar connections.

Out of 1500 of potential stories, Facebook picks 300 and shows in your feed. Obviously, it is not practical for facebook to keep 1500 stories in your newsfeed or for you to read all 1500. (Do you even read all 300 ?!)

Here is a list of Digital Services of Digital India for Daily Life

Taking Control of your NewsFeed

It is said to take control of the situation at the right time. Practically, 60-70 percent of the content in our newsfeed is total waste and hence we normally come up with an opinion – “Facebook is a waste of time and nothing else”. There will be many useless stories in your newsfeed and you have no option but to scroll down. Till you scroll down to some good content, you have already wasted a lot of time.

You know the people who post worthless content and you don’t want him/her to remove from your list. Facebook has come with very helpful & handy News feed Preferences. Go to Settings – News Feed Preferences, also in Facebook Smartphone Apps

News Feed Preferences
News Feed Preferences

The first two options on top are important:

  • Prioritise who to see first – Here you can mark important people or pages whose post you never want to miss and see on top.
  • Unfollow People to Hide there Posts – Here just unfollow the people who post useless crap and spoil your newsfeed. By unfollowing, you are not removing them as friends, you are just hiding their posts.
  • Reconnect with People who unfollowed – You can also reconnect with people whom who have unfollowed if they improved the quality of their posts!

Take time to do these important tasks to make best out of your time and data pack.

Find and Follow Pages of your Interest/Passion

Every person has some interest or passion for something. Be it cooking, photography, reading, wrestling, fashion, economics, sports and list goes on. Bring out your interest to Facebook and search the top people or topics.

As per July 2013, there are 15 million pages on Facebook. Surely, you will find what you’re looking for. Once you like a page of your choice like of Sports, Facebook will show you suggestions below of all similar sports pages. Students and knowledge seekers can get so much out of the abundant knowledge and information pages on Facebook in the quickest and easiest possible way.

Get Rid of Mass Tagging

Some people tag you in pictures, which don’t matter to you. You can fix it by going to Setting – Timeline & Tagging. From App – Settings – Account Settings – Timeline & Tagging. Just a one time process !

Saving Yourself from Candy Crush & other Game Requests

Candy Crush is a big botheration and headache for those who don’t play games on facebook. On your laptop/PC, go to Settings – Blocking. You can also block people, pages, apps, games and event invites.

Blocking the Unwanted
Blocking the Unwanted
Blocking Games on Facebook
Blocking Games on Facebook


Reached 5000 friends Limit

If you are a popular figure and have reached 5000 friends limit, you have two options.

  • To add a ‘Follow’ button to your profile so that people can get your public posts in their feeds (Settings – Followers).
  • You can convert the profile into a page. Your 5000 friends will become your ‘Likes’ on Page. But Page has many limitations such as you can’t message people from the page until they message you first, you can’t tag them, invite them to events. But yes you can promote your page commercially.

In India, Facebook supports only Credit Card. Debit Card activated for International Transactions, issued by some banks is also valid. You can start promoting your page or posts as low as Rs.100 to a defined audience you want to reach.

Know everything about commerce in India in one go. Read here

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

Twitter is great but doesn’t want to tweet? You can connect your facebook profile or page to twitter. Whatever you posts on Facebook, will become a tweet. You can link your twitter to Facebook from your PC/Laptop. Settings – Followers – Twitter. Since all tweets are public, you have to make your posts public to be a tweet. Manually you can change privacy to individual posts at the time of posting on facebook.

One Connected World

Facebook keeps changing its site and app setting. It’s regularly evolving with people’s feedback and making the world more connected. Read Good, Share Good. Let us use social media for the right cause and right awareness.

Connect the world with your love and belongingness for our future generations. Using abusive or vulgar language on social platforms is equivalent to doing violence in the open.

Technology has turned the world into a village, but only human values can turn it in a connected family


Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg

Web Developer by Profession, Gaurav loves to write on Indian Culture & Spirituality. He is equally passionate for Technology & Entrepreneurship.

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