Digital Detox – Is it even possible ?

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We are surrounded by digital devices all around us – visible gadgets or invisible waves. Starting from morning alarm from mobile to the last call made using Bluetooth in your car. The big question arises, in this era, is it even possible to do something called “Digital Detox” ?

Seems really weird. But before even going to this term, let us accept some few things.

We live in the 21st Century where more than 90 percent work is done using digital devices or over internet. Over the years, this dependency is going to increase. Yes,  in one manner, they have lot made our lives easier but also made our lives slaves to them. Who is being a slave of whom, we will discuss later.

Not all, but most of us are hooked to some most common apps on our phones namely – WhatsApp, Facebook, E-Mails, Some Photo Based Apps like Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube. All these are as much useful and as much addictive in their own way. Many people don’t know that these apps come with a lot of controls to set things
according to you.


The most common Social Media would be must have in most devices. The most active thing you see in Facebook is the NewsFeed, yes you can customise your Newsfeed  according to you. Here’s a full guide how you can do that. In short, you can “unfollow” pages and profiles and stop seeing their useless feeds. This will not send any notification to the other person, nor you need to unfriend anyone.

As you clear the clutter, more and more useful content will start coming in your feed. You can also use the option of “See First” to certain Profiles/Pages that you think add value to your life and skills. By doing these simple processes, you can save upto 80 percent of time, data and energy of endless scrolling.


People don’t talk these days, they WhatsApp. Broadly there are three types of chats in it – Personal, Broadcast & Groups. Most irritating are the Groups. You can simply mute or exit the useless groups. If you cannot, you can just ask their admins to change the settings to group that only admins can post. By this, 90 percent of crap will be blocked.

If broadcast messages are bothering you, can ask the person to remove you from broadcast or you simply delete their number. Broadcast is only sent if the sender’s number is saved in your phone. Personal Chats is your personal choice how to moderate. You can turn off Blue Ticks to keep your mind at peace.


Over 90 percent of mails are nothing but promotions and spam. If you use Gmail, it provides a wonderful 4 column layout of Primary, Social, Promotions & Updates. You can right away delete your Social & Promotions as they are just trash mail. Updates are your receipts or order updates, you can keep that for records. Primary is the main mails from your office or personal that you should focus on.


Nothing bad in watching YouTube, if you have free time. In fact, you can learn so many useful skills by watching wonderful tutorials. You want to learn dance and music, YouTube. You want to learn graphics or coding – YouTube. You want to learn how to train your pet – YouTube. Learn cooking step by step by watching each move. This is much more powerful than just reading from a book or site. Find your passion and just hit the play button.

Photo Based Apps


Snapchat & Instagram are quite instant and youthful. You can laugh at it, use filters, like each other, but in moderation. Out of all the apps, these apps don’t provide you any constructive value, but gives you instant graphical appeal and joy. You can reduce it with little awareness and practice. Too much attachment to the body image is not a good idea since you are much more than just a body.

If you just see how each app has its control settings that you can adjust and tune it to your needs, similarly the same thing is with the mind. You are not slave of these apps, but you are slave of your minds. If you can learn to control and manage your mind, to your needs, you can literally control anything in the world,leave apart just devices and apps. Now, how can you actually manage your mind is the big question.

Meditation or as it is called “Mindfulness” in the West, is one sure shot method to do that. And it is not something very difficult, time consuming or complex to understand. Sudarshan Kriya, world’s simplest and most powerful breathing technique, practised by millions all over globe is one good option you can opt. You can learn it anywhere in a 3 day workshop around you.

Yes Technology is one we can’t escape, but with little awareness and skills, and learning to deal with your mind, can make you super smart. Then you can use technology to you needs.

Technology do have contributed great to the world and our lives, but with a intention of calm and composed mind.

  • It has saved a lot of papers.
  • It has brought in transparency in a lot of organisations.
  • It has made payments simple and instant.
  • It has connected the world to a whole new level of just one click.

Concluding it in the words of Global Spiritual Leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Technology has shrunk the world into a small village and Spirituality will make it into a global family

Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg

Web Developer by Profession, Gaurav loves to write on Indian Culture & Spirituality. He is equally passionate for Technology & Entrepreneurship.

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