Different types of Powerful Goddess Tanjore Painting with Images

Tanjore Painting

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Mahalakshmi, Annapurna, Saraswathi Tanjore Painting are considered some of the main Goddesses prayed in India.

The different powerful forms of Devi:

Lakshmi Tanjore Painting :

Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity, consort of Mahavishnu.

Two types of laxmi

  1. Varlaxmi: The one who gives blessings: She comes with knowledge, love, and hard work, sits on lotus, brings happiness and prosperity when she goes also it takes time to leave.

    Tanjore painting
                                     Var Lakshmi painting
  2. Ullok vahini laxmi: Lakshmi who comes on owl, comes who earn money in wrong ways without knowledge like looting people etc. She’s standing laxmi, when she comes, comes with lots of money when goes takes their money also and makes them empty handed making them a fool.

    Tanjore painting
     Ullok Lakshmi Painting

Eight types of Lakshmis:

Popularly known as Ashtalakshmi. Each Lakshmi signifies or portrays a special characteristic. The Aishwarya Lakshmi is unique because the picture shows gold coins dropping from the left palm of the goddess.

Ashtalaxmi Tanjore Painting:

Laxmi, As many people assume is not only related to money but can also be related to knowledge, wisdom, intellect, faith, results, answers, patience, forgiveness, sam(Everything looks similar)- dam(Control on senses).

Tanjore Painting
                                     Ashta lakhsmi – 8 forms of Lakshmi

Meaning of Lakshmi on Lotus:

Lakshmi is a goddess sitting on a lotus. Symbolizing the nature of Lakshmi, when a lotus is still a bud it’s totally concave in shape means is introvert, vice versa when it’s fully formed into a flower it’s convex in shave symbolizing extrovert.

5 petals of Lotus symbolizes satah (surfaces):

1st surface- sthirta stillness or stability like tortoise

2nd surface- Snake- Jagrukta or alertness

3rd surface- Sidhi or perfection

4th surface- Divyata or Purity and divineness

5th surface- Paripurnta meaning blossom like lotus

Saraswati Tanjore Painting:

Saraswathi, the goddess of divine knowledge, power and higher consciousness, wife of Brahma is usually prayed in every Hindu devotee. She’s is seen sitting on a white lotus holding Veena in a white saree with ornaments. She is worshipped for higher learning in life.

Veenavadini – Goddess who have a veena and plays it melodiously.

hamsa vahini – Goddess whose vehicle(Vahan) is hamsa vahini(Swan)

Gyan dayini – Goddess who gives knowledge.

Tanjore Painting
                                 Annapurna Tanjore painting

Conclusion :

These are beautiful handcrafted paintings that have been given the “Tanjore touch”. Embossed with real 22 carat gold dust or milk and embedded with some with semi-precious stones such as Kundans and Gemstones.

Tell us your opinion on these Tanjore Painting in comments.


Jyothi Tulasi

Jyothi Tulasi

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