Everything you need to know about Blockchain

Following the rise of cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence, blockchain technology has seen rapid growth in the past couple of years. In the job market too, blockchain – related jobs are amongst the top three fastest growing in the world.

Life & Living

Digital Detox – Is it even possible ?

We are surrounded by digital devices all around us – visible gadgets or invisible waves. Starting from morning alarm from mobile to the last call …


Technology – The Black Mirror

As this is my first official post, I would like to dedicate it to something that comes first in our lives nowadays, TECHNOLOGY.  “Black mirror” …


A Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization

I may not be famous like Neil Patel but I’m into SEO since 2013. SEO has changed a lot in these years. Here’s a complete …

Online Shopping India

India Shops Online

World has changed a lot. From old barter system to plastic money. By the use of technology, things have become so much easier and simple …

Connecting the World

Make Facebook Resourceful

Facebook is undoubtedly the world’s largest social media platform that is connecting the world. It’s another edge of connectivity through the internet. Facebook has evolved …

Digital Services

Here is a list of Digital Services of Digital India for Daily Life

Technology is no more just a luxury or comfort, it is a necessity of today’s time. There are so many online services that one can …

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