Selling of Valued but Costly Ideas

A deadly fire in a coaching center in Surat snuffed out of 22 young lives. The rate of suicides in Kota, where students converge to …


India of my Kids

On this special memorable historic day, India completes 71 years of Independence from the Colonial Rule. On this day, we give regards to our brave …


Tracing the Ganga – Everything you need to know why the river is actually so Special

“Ganga”, just a river like any other river in the world but then what makes this river so special that we put our faith into …


The Ultimate Solution to the Ram Mandir Dispute

In the last 26 years, majorly all of Indian politics has made Ram Mandir an issue of votebank. Its a bread-butter for media to make …


Ayodhya – The Quick History, Present and the Solution

It’s been years and years the issue of Ayodhya and Ram Mandir has been going around. To make it easy for the present generations to know …


Clean Politics This Diwali – Can we do this for Real ?

We clean our homes, offices, cupboards, hard disks, Internet browsing history, old gallery pictures but can we clean Politics this year Diwali or any year …

Taj Mahal

Is Taj Mahal not a part of Indian Culture ?

Recently Sangeet Som, MLA of Uttar Pradesh from BJP Party has said that Taj Mahal is not part of Indian history and culture. Also Taj …

Indian Media

Indian Media & India

Media is considered to be the fourth and important pillar of democracy. Others three being – Legislature (Parliament), Executive (Government) & Judiciary (Supreme Court, High …

Save Indian Cow

Whats the importance of Cows in Indian Economy

We all know that our nation India has about more than 70 percent area in rural. 60 percent of the nation’s population directly or indirectly …

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