Bend Me Shape Me Anyway you want Me

Archana Kishore, becomes the voice of Plastic, telling its journey of birth to eternity. How the plastic can be used and how it can be disposed and save environment.

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Bend me shape me anyway you want me
As long as you want to use me
I’m in your daily life far & near
In every colour & shape you will find me
Most of the people use me but 
Least of them know how beneficial I’m
For the time being be with me
Read this article & know more about me.

Hello everyone…I’m PLASTIC…

And there is no one in the 21st century who doesn’t listen my name or use me. I play a pivotal role in everybody’s life because of my quality of being very cheap, colourful, light weight, durable, melted, rolled into sheets or made into fibre plastics. I just made everyone’s life much easier today. But hundred of years ago things were so different. I was in very less amount. Things were stored in a metal or glass containers. Your bowl & spoon would have been made of wood or glass. Metal & glass are very costly & wood… cut trees for it.

Then in 1907 I was successfully invented by Leo Hendrik Bakeland. And my invention just changed the way of your life style. I have given protection to the nature, saved trees from cutting down, hence conserved soil too.

Now zoom the clock forward & see how beneficial I’m:-

  • My invention has made a valuable place in your daily life. I opened up a whole new world of possibilities for manufacturing. My products play a major role in saving & conserving energy & power safety.
  • I’m hygienic & not poisonous to your health. So, you use me carry groceries, pack milk in the packets made by me, I keep bread & other food fresh for a long time.
  • Bottles made from me are more favoured as compared to glass containers because they are very expensive if they drop down they are going to shattered into small pieces but I’m not. So, I’m safer to handle in transporting items in cartoons & I save up to 40% on distribution fuel costs on transport pollution.
  • Wind power is free but to capture the power of wind is not possible without me. My special forms are used in the wind turbine covers & huge blades to tap into this environment friendly energy source.
  • I’m being used to replace more & more aircraft parts. 22% of an airbus A380 is built with light weight carbon fiber reinforced plastics, reduces the aircraft by 1.5 tons, saving fuel & lowering operating costs by 15%.
  • Pipes made from me are flexible, durable & prevent leakage of valuable water.
  • I have made many advancements in the field of medicines such as vaccination & CAT scans.
  • I’m an ideal material for use in the manufacturing of car. About 11% of my material used in modern mid range car. That means less weight, less fuel consumption & therefore less CO2 emissions.
  • Innovative technology & senses made from me used in today’s LEDs means that they are twice as bright as conventinal types using the same amount of energy.
  • I’m used to made types that are very strong & wishing lines, glues & paint.
  • It’s me who made possible the development of computers, cellphone & most of the advancements from jewellery to kitchenware.
  • Even the clothing industry making plastic fibers such as nylon.
  • I became part of your daily events since morning to evening in the form of toothbrush, buckets, mugs, kid’s toys to their lunchbox, containers used for milk, shampoo, laundry detergent & household cleaner, air belts, seat belts.

Here, I can simply say that you interact with me on daily basis. And I’m glad to say that my invention is helping you in many manners. But the pity matter is that most of the people sent me to landfills after using my products which increase plastic pollution & a waste of valuable resource.

Central Pollution Control Board conducted study on my waste in 60 major cities of India & estimated that around 4059tonns/day of my waste is generated from these cities & 25,940tonns/day is generated from the entire country.

This year India was the global host of the World Environment Day which was celebrated on 5th June & the theme was ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. I know I’m not perfect or suitable for your environment because of not being biodegradable. But I’m not the problem, problem is in the way you are using me.

I can help you to reduce this pollution only by RECYCLING. You can recycled me at the end of the use, approximately for a maximum of six times. Several people throw the packets of milk they use but today there are thousands of groceries & retail stores where these packets are recycled.

For an effective waste management , the method of collecting wastes form households and firms should be modified in a following manner:-


  1. One dustbin for biodegradable wastes. One for non biodegradable wastes
  2. A separate dustbin for the materials made from me. It will also save the expenditures done to separate these wastes and these expanses can be used to improve the technology of recycling industries.
  3. I can be converted into petrol, diesel & other hydrocarbons. IIT Hyderabad has developed a catalyst that can be used for conversion of my waste to fuel oils.
  4. Utilization in road construction – When mixture of polyblend & bitumen is used to lay roads, it enhanced the bitumen’s water repellent properties & help to increase road life by a factor of three.
  5. Bottles made from me can be recycled into lots of things like t-shirts, sweaters, fleece jackets & sleeping bags. It takes about-
    – 10 bottles to make enough plastic fiber for – T-shirt
    – 63 bottles to make – Sweater
    – 14 bottles for – Ski jacket
    – 114 bottles for- sleeping bag
  6. When you recycle me you can make new bottles, containers, plastic lumber that can be used to make park benches, furniture, backyard desks, even playground equipments & recycling bins. You can recycled me into other items like carpet fibers, pillow stuffing & tote bags.

But another saddest part of my story is approximately 15384tonns/day which is 50-60% of my total waste generated is collected & recycle. In U.S. nearly 28% of bottles are recycled. If everyone pitches, you can do even better.

Bend me shape me anyway you want me
As long as you want to use me
Once my life cycle is completed
It’s my humble request don’t landfill me, RECYCLE ME……

Archana Kishore

Archana Kishore

I'm persuing post graduation in Zoology, Ex radio jockey, Writer & painter

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