Being Woman – Being Man – Being Human

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No don’t get influenced. This isn’t a “feminist” post or anything. This is just something that goes unsaid for a lot of women out there.

Being a woman isn’t easy. World over, women are just judged as a “piece” of beauty, an “item number” in Bollywood & Music Videos. In Indian Marriages, a woman is judged on the basis of her fairness & weight all for so that she can do best household work. This is as stupid & weird as it seems. But it happens in real and we all know it.

No, woman is not a piece of beauty. She has to go through a lot to maintain herself that involves a lot of things. She cannot wear the same clothes at events. This is not because she likes that so much. Not all girls are like that. Its simply because she is judged every moment by every individual around her.

If you see a girl at a event, who has done a little makeup, you would judge her as she has done so much. If you see a girl, who has not done much make up and she wears anything she likes, you would still judge her, that how she looks. Boys wear anything, no one cares because they are boys.

So girls have a hard time to maintain the standards of society every time and still get criticized for anything she would have missed. Not to forget that every woman has to go through a monthly cycle that is equally painful physically, mentally & emotionally. Men don’t have such things to experience.

Having said that, it is not that men are bad, or all women are perfect. This is not that at all. It is just that everyone deserves equal treatment irrespective of their gender, color or caste. Men also have a lot of stress to balance the financial aspects, which is a prerequisite to be a “man” in family & society.

He has to deal with all sorts of outside forces to make sure everything happens smooth. Women are emotional by nature, Men are more logical, which forms a balance in creation. We do need emotions and we do need logic as well. So no one to be framed good or bad.

So just a humble appeal to all men & even women, don’t see a woman as just a piece of beauty, she is not an object. Don’t judge her by how she looks or what she wears. She has her freedom to live a life that she wants.

She has her desires and ambitions as any other person in the world and she deserves the right to achieve that, with her hard work and efforts. A women is not just born to marry any random person, raise kids for him and take care of his home. Yes she does that too, with full honor and responsibility.

Celebs in Movies, in Glamour world, who boasts of zero size figure & six packs are not your role models. Its their job to maintain the bodies because they are paid for it. If they don’t, they may lose that movie or that brand. That too is hard work. It’s not a easy life anywhere I guess.

Just Love Yourself & Others. Don’t be a feminist or male chauvinist. Don’t judge people based on their color, caste, gender or weight. Be a Human. We are born to do something big in our lives. We are beyond this physical body and identity. We are the unlimited universe in a limited body.


To match and to mix may be all we have ever done,

but it’s time to change I think.

No better or worse

None smoother or coarse !

Just a life balanced by the blend of both worlds…

Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg

Web Developer by Profession, Gaurav loves to write on Indian Culture & Spirituality. He is equally passionate for Technology & Entrepreneurship.

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