Pragya Tiwari


Why Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices Needs a Check

Recently, a report by a public health group on pharmaceutical marketing practices has revealed excessive use of bribes and inducement by Pharma companies to the …


The Meal you should be careful about – Dinner

What we eat affects our body and mind, a fact that we all are aware of. But the timing of our meals are equally important, …


Selling of Valued but Costly Ideas

A deadly fire in a coaching center in Surat snuffed out of 22 young lives. The rate of suicides in Kota, where students converge to …

Life & Living

The Comparison

Judging from her looks and personality, Aayat appears to lead a charmed life. She takes pictures while strolling through the lanes of Calcutta and choosing …

Life & Living

I Say- I am a “Traveller” and I “Love” travelling

Generally, a traveller is referred to as a person who explores various places, away from home, out of their comfort zone, away from all their …

Life & Living

Everything Happens for a Reason

It seems very surprising that our life is what can be termed as a ‘reason.’ We cannot spend a single day without any reason.

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