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Ayurveda Simplified – All your questions on Healing Systems Answered

When it comes to Ayurveda in your mind, it comes as an alternative thing than the mainstream allopathy. Also you are not sure about the …


Sri Sri breaking stereotypes on Kundli, Vastu, Onion and More

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the most renowned Spiritual Leader in the World who has worked to spread Yoga and Meditation all over globe and …

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Indian Youth and Their Indian Parents ; BEING A SOCIAL NORM

 Hey there, how’s it going? Chilled weekend coming? How about a cup of tea and a take on the social dilemma revolving around Dear India….  …


Being Woman – Being Man – Being Human

No don’t get influenced. This isn’t a “feminist” post or anything. This is just something that goes unsaid for a lot of women out there. …


Understanding Taxes for the Layman

Taxes is something in India which is talked most when talking about finance and often seems too complex to understood by most. So they just …


India of my Kids

On this special memorable historic day, India completes 71 years of Independence from the Colonial Rule. On this day, we give regards to our brave …

Life & Living

“What is Love?”

One of my dearest friend asked me to write for this topic. For me, writing about feelings and emotions is not an easy task. How …

Life & Living

Digital Detox – Is it even possible ?

We are surrounded by digital devices all around us – visible gadgets or invisible waves. Starting from morning alarm from mobile to the last call …


Tracing the Ganga – Everything you need to know why the river is actually so Special

“Ganga”, just a river like any other river in the world but then what makes this river so special that we put our faith into …

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