Alcohol, Rapes & FAQs

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What is Alcohol ?

Chemically its a organic compound also called ethanol or ethyl alcohol. Alcohol is made up of fruits and vegetables through a process called fermentation.

The yeast  (single cell structures or microorganism) is made to react with the sugars (form of glucose, fructose, maltose and lactose) in fruits and vegetables and by products are alcohol and carbon dioxide.

So wine is made by fermenting fruits, beer by fermenting cereals and so on.


How and why it started ?


Fermenting was known to mankind long ago. Fermented beverages were used basically for medicinal purposes.

One of the earliest use is described by ancient Indian scholar and physician Sushruta as a anesthetic (painkiller) before a surgical operation.

But one of the first alcoholic beverage got popular in Greece called ‘mead’  made from fermenting honey. It was somewhere 2700 BC.



Effects on Body ?

Talking of the present times, alcohol has become more dangerous than anything else. First and foremost, alcohol affects your decision making process, making your intellect ineffective, then the complete damage is done since brain is the boss.

When you drink alcohol, it goes to the stomach, then the small intestine, from small  intestine to the bloodstream, and from the bloodstream to the whole body starting from the brain and all other organs. Very little alcohol exit the body.

Who earns from it ?

The present times are driven by money, money and money. Alcohol industry is the one which runs even in recession. Reasons being the intoxication and addiction.

Once person gets addicted, there is no turning back. Be it restaurants, entertainment industry, governments, everyone earns a huge share from it. Underground and illegal distribution is a big market flourishing all over globe.

Who promotes it ?

Direct advertisement on alcohol has been banned. Alcohol is promoted to young minds all over globe basically via entertainment industry or the so called role models.

There are n number of alcoholic beverages available today all over globe ranging from mere pennies to millions earning huge revenues.

More the tax on alcohol, more the governments earn from them. Some restaurents earn more than 60 percent of their income purely from alcohol.

Effects on Society

Alcohol first damages the human thought process, then the body, followed by family and his social reach, children. People drinking alchohol often lives a very unhealthy and depressed life.

Complete learning process is disturbed, professional life is badly affected, in the long run, the health goes down and further treatments.

Alcohol promotes Poverty

Addiction and intoxication is not limited to a person being rich or poor. A poor being a labour, selling vegetables, or daily wage workers earns a minimal amount to support his family.

If got stuck to alcohol due to any reason, he is forced to buy the cheapest available alcohol which damages the brain and body at a fast rate.

Further, the alcohol affected person does domestic violence at home with wife and kids. In the long run, the health is damaged so hospital expenses lines up.

So the vicious circle keeps going and poor is left poor. Whatever he earns, more than 40 percent is gone in getting a drink. In extreme addictions, a person begs just to  drink.

Alcohol Prime reason for Rapes

Food and Sex are the deepest impressions in human mind. Food is normally available openly to satisfy the stomach but not the other.

Since alcohol makes one loose the decision making, the hidden desires comes out in the form of various actions and words. In a report in USA Today, a team of police and experts have concluded that  alcohol is undoubtedly the topmost date rape drug. Majority of the rapes happen under the influence of alcohol.

Women Safety and Alchol consumption are directly connected. Ahmedabad, capital of Gujarat state in India has no public place to drink or drunkards. Alcohol is banned  in whole state. Ahmedabad is the safest city for women in India. Most unsafe city of India, irony being the national capital consumed alcohol worth Rs. 400 crores in  just 12 days in New Year eve of 2012.

The Way Out

A person can be intoxicated with full awareness all the time with no hangovers or doctor irrespective of being poor or rich. Ancient peers of India have discovered the techniques of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, which are now gaining popularity all over globe in full swing.

Stress, Peer Pressure and Bad Model Inspiration are the primary reasons that start drinking. If at a young age, just basics of yoga and meditation are infused in the daily lifestyle, then the person can actually live the  fullest potential of life.

Change in Mindset

A great shift of mindset is required is required in the world today to save our future generations. A world renowned foundation called the Art of Living has made it  possible to learn the techniques of Yoga and Meditation in the simplest and most beautiful manner and has uplifted the life of million all over globe.

You actually don’t need any chemical compound spending so much just to get intoxicated and high and that too for few hours when you can do so for 24 hours with full energy and awareness !

Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg

Web Developer by Profession, Gaurav loves to write on Indian Culture & Spirituality. He is equally passionate for Technology & Entrepreneurship.

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