Adios to the Silver Haired Angel

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“It was 3:30 am, she got a call, “Mansi , wake up it’s your uncle , grandma is no more”, as she heard those words her heart sunk,her mind stopped as if it disconnected with the world for a minute, she felt tightness in her chest finding it hard to breath. Million things ran through her head but one that she will never forget “grandma is no more”.

But she had to respond , she had to say a word , the only word she managed to say was “oh!” and then she hung up the phone . She didn’t know how to process death , she had to process many things in life, heart break, failure, disappointment, resentment, but “death” seemed hardest of all.

With a gasp of air she went downstairs to convey this agony, but ma already knew, she looked at her face, it was ashen from grief as she struggled to tell, “ Mansi , she is no more” . “I know , she said , i got a call , let’s go”.

“You should stay at home, her father said” as he tried to shield his daughter from the pain and aftermath of death. “ I need to see her one last time, she said” with a trembling voice and a shaken soul,avoiding any eye contact, after all, she had to be strong.”

Although we all seem to struggle with all the curve balls life throws at us but losing some one you love forever can leave you with a void no other can fill.

“While she was on her way to say her final goodbye , her life flashed before her eyes, the voice of her beloved grandma filled her mind , she couldn’t believe this voice will never greet her , those wrinkled hands will never caress her face , those eyes will never have a shine , it was too hard to bear.”

That’s all death leaves us with, handful of memories, heart full of love once received and head full of scenarios of what is next to come.

We never know when somebody we love will leave this world , we never know if we’ll ever be satisfied with the love we gave while they were still around, it all makes the head go round. Regret creeps in, “I should have called more often, i should have bought her those snugly socks to keep her comfortable”. It’s a never ending cascade.

“But it’s all in vain coz she took all the pain,

To smile and to change is all that’s left to gain

After this loss , there is only her legacy left to maintain.”

 ‘So love them while you still have them, no love will ever be deeper than the love of our grandparents,  and no blessing is more powerful like the invisible magic wand in the granny’s hand.

“Adios to that silver haired angel who taught me what love is so well that she herself became love . R.I.P. love.

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