A home you need ; modern day hustler’s hope land.

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 In the current times the hustle is real but along with that we are bound to make home in those four walls that are changing with the need of our professional life.
Living away from the house we grew up in can sometimes feel heavy on the heart. But home away from home doesn’t have to feel dull at all. It’s time to light it up.

Home is not four walls, it’s where your heart is. How about we make that heart of yours come back to you in those four walls you are sitting in right now? Feel happy, don’t you 🙂 .

How this magic works? You gotta move a muscle for this one.
Now every house has it’s own essence that describes it’s owner. My house, especially my room has it’s owner’s essence spread out all around. There is a touch of modern world with a speck of reality that connects me to my roots.

Outside the house I am a doctor but inside the house I am the meditator, the artist, the reader. So my house is a reflection of that.

Where the magic happens –

There is a space for unnerving, yes the space where meditation happens. The calm, the light filled corner making me quit all the stress of the outside world . There is a little buddha sculpture I keep on the side table with T light candles floating above water in crystalized carrier. Feel relaxed already? I know :). Now that’s for the meditator in me. Gotta do something for the reader in me.

For the reader –

Your very own reader reads to keep this forever wandering mind of hers open, open to ideas, open to fantasy, open to reality, open to the greatness. Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it! For this I have a little table along side my bed where I place my books. It gives room to more than just books, to be honest. The journals, the little sculptures find their way themselves 😀 .

A little reading space much like this one, gives me sanity when the world is driving me insane. Doesn’t take much 🙂 .

Then comes the Artist –

Now the artist loves to play around with sketch pencils and colors. So for that I have a place for the imagination to find it’s way out and meet the world I’ve been greeting. I place my sketch books and canvas in a shelf on my study table and I keep the colors and sketch pencils, charcoal pencils around them . I also keep my painting up on the wall to keep me inspired and to make me smile when I don’t feel much motivated.

A space like this in the house can spark up the vibe and also motivate one to be more creative and creativity can abolish the roots of boredom once adopted. no phones, no network, just you and your creativity.

“All the art we make, is for others. We may make for our own sake but whosoever sees it, feels it. And that’s what art is supposed to do”.

Now let’s talk food and friends, about time, right 😉 –

Along with this you can spice up your kitchen and make a little friend zone in your living room ( no I am not trying to add salt to your wounds 😛 ) to go with that, a little hangout place which never hurt nobody. A hangout place for your bros or veeres if you allow me, can turn the friday evenings the best part about the week if it wasn’t before. A little counter for the drinks, no no not encouraging alcohol here ( calm yo nerves 😛 ) ,

A couch set up in the living area to make those friends comfortable who make this life worth living when hell breaks loose. A place filled up with fine details of furniture can make it a nice crash zone for your buddies when you don’t wanna go out. You can turn it into your very little movie place or that coffeehouse you are always spending hours in. My favorite way to soothe up the living area is to add a hint of music lightly flowing around in the background matching those wild thoughts in the back of your head. Not a bad idea right?


Now that’s what I do to make my house a land of my hopes. So make sure your house speaks for you when you enter. A touch of your taste, a blend of your madness and the subtleness of your being should fill up those empty rooms and you will see, it’s not that lonely anymore.

Pick up bright or contrasting options to go with the subtleness of mind, the right kind of opposite works for itself.

“While making a life let’s make sure we come to a house that is a happy place to make you dream a little more and work a lot smarter to turn those dreams into the very reality”.

The love you admire doesn’t always has to come from people, it can come from a place of your dreams carefully designed to caress your being. 🙂


Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia

Dr. Mansi Bhatia is the Co-Founder, Chief editor and an eminent Writer of 'The Indian Writers'. She believes in the philosophy of living a cutting edge life with the freedom to be creative and productive. Her work reflects radiance inspired by her experiences and dreams. Dive into excellence with her work by your side.

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