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Tracing the Ganga – Everything you need to know why the river is actually so Special

“Ganga”, just a river like any other river in the world but then what makes this river so special that we put our faith into …


Being Woman – Being Man – Being Human

No don’t get influenced. This isn’t a “feminist” post or anything. This is just something that goes unsaid for a lot of women out there. …


Selling of Valued but Costly Ideas

A deadly fire in a coaching center in Surat snuffed out of 22 young lives. The rate of suicides in Kota, where students converge to …


Sri Sri breaking stereotypes on Kundli, Vastu, Onion and More

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the most renowned Spiritual Leader in the World who has worked to spread Yoga and Meditation all over globe and …

Save Indian Cow

Whats the importance of Cows in Indian Economy

We all know that our nation India has about more than 70 percent area in rural. 60 percent of the nation’s population directly or indirectly …


Technology – The Black Mirror

As this is my first official post, I would like to dedicate it to something that comes first in our lives nowadays, TECHNOLOGY.  “Black mirror” …

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